Sample Forms Book, January 2021

Sample Forms Book, January 2021

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The January 2021 Sample Forms Book has arrived!
Order your copy today! 

A handy guide containing every page of every real estate form from C.A.R., including the new forms and the recently revised forms from September - December 2020. 

Quite possibly the most important book in real estate! This book contains a current sample of EVERY Standard Form from C.A.R. in an easy to reference format.

The forms have been grouped together by category and then listed alphabetically leading with the Purchase Agreements. Every page from all of the C.A.R. Forms are printed on 8.5" x 11" format and includes the form revision dates at the bottom of each page.

The book contains:

  • A current sample of every C.A.R. Standard Form, including 14 new and 8 updated forms from September - December 2020
  • New forms include:
    • FHDA - Fair Housing & Discrimination Advisory
    • HHDA - Home Fire Hardening Disclosure and Advisory
    • CDC-TD - Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 Tenant Declaration
    • CRFP - Coronavirus Rent Forgiveness, Termination of Tenancy and Possession Agreement
    • CRRA - Coronavirus Unpaid Rent Repayment Agreement
    • CURC - Coronavirus Unpaid Rent Calculation
    • DCFD - Tenant Declaration of COVID-19 Related Financial Distress
    • NTRA - Notice of Tenant of COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020
    • NTT-CTRA - Notice of Termination of Tenancy: COVID Relief Act
    • PCQ-CTRA - Notice to Cure or Perform Covenant or Quit: COVID Tenant Relief Act
    • PMC-CPP - Notice to Cure Covid Protected Period Monetary Covenant or Quit
    • PMC-TP - Notice to Cure Covid Transition Period Monetary Covenant or Quit
    • PRQ-CPP - Notice to Pay Covid Protected Period Rent or Quit
    • PRQ-TP - Notice to Pay Covid Transition Period Rent or Quit
  • A Table of Contents listing all 232 forms and 12 COVID-19 related forms
  • A Cross Reference Section with every acronym in alphabetical order
  • Detailed Quick Reference Guide for each form

Spiral bound - 550+ pages

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