WomanUP!® ACADEMY Executive Certification Course Bundle - ONLINE ANYTIME

WomanUP!® ACADEMY Executive Certification Course Bundle - ONLINE ANYTIME

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The C.A.R. WomanUP!® ACADEMY course Bundle includes 10 courses developed by some of the most esteemed WomanUP!® keynote speakers. Once you complete all of the combined courses listed below you will be eligible to earn your WomanUP!® Executive Certification.

After completing the courses you will equip yourself with important topics designed to empower and arm you with valuable leadership knowledge that you can easily implement into your practice.

Your purchased bundle comes with the following courses:

Crystalline Leadership VISION
Be a visionary. Have impact. Be strategic. Inspire others. Organize yourself. Be a navigator. In this course, you will learn to incorporate mindfulness thinking and apply it using the 10 Aspects of Leadership. You will focus on creating Leadership Clarity for yourself, your office, and Charting Your Course to reach your desired destination.

New Broker's Benchmark (Part 1): Prepare! 
Thiis 31/2 hour video course will provide new real estate brokers with an understanding of business structure and best practices for business planning. Additionally, you will learn to understand your financial statement to make your business more prepared for the ups and downs of the market.

New Broker's Benchmark (Part 2): Perform!
The 31/2 hour video course will review how to set appropriate policies for your agents and employees. Learn what to include in your office policy manual. This course will also cover components of the C.A.R. real estate contracts like CA-RPA and CA-RLA.

Risk Management
This course is designed to help minimize the chance of having a claim or lawsuit filed against you by following some simple Risk Management steps and by becoming educated in the areas which cause the greatest incidence of claims. The suggestions, education and advice presented can limit your liability and assist you with the handling of a claim if you are faced with one.

PLEASE NOTE: This online course DOES NOT have continuing education (CE) credits.

Nuts and Bolts: The Broker's Day-to-Day 
This course will provide you with a general working knowledge of the basic operations of running a brokerage office. Learn how to best function as supervisor to excite your agents and increase sales. Understand what is needed to retain top producing agents and how to recruit new agents on a regular basis.

Administrative Staffing: The Human Side of Human Resources 
This course will equip you with real-world guidance to becoming the best leader in real estate. You'll learn practices focused on developing an organization that fosters efficient operations through effective staffing. Explore strategies that go above and beyond to developing a win-win partnership with your agents.

CRM Masterclass: Broker Edition 
This class Contact Relationship Management you will learn about the reasons to use a CRM to build your business. You will also see how to study the aspects of a CRM and how it can help keep track of customers, contracts and appointments. Know that there are more people, more rules, and more expectations in real estate today and understand the importance of reviews and how to manage customer expectations.

Building and Sustaining Growth 
Defining and articulating the culture and vision of your firm can be crucial when building and sustaining the trajectory your would like to follow. The people and personalities that make up your teams and those that you serve can have an important impact on your business. Use the tips on recruiting, training, mentoring and more in this course to decide how you want your practice to grow and how to sustain it. 

Recruit and Retain the Successful REALTORS® of Tomorrow 
The Recruiting and Retaining course will focus on various aspects of capitalizing on personal strengths when recruiting like using simple strategies for overcoming reluctance and 21 ways to reach potential recruits. Additionally, attendees will learn to review current practices for recruiting and how to implement new strategies. 

Empowering You! 
Our WomanUP!® ACADEMY Empowerment course will help define what guides you by clarifying your personal and core values. How do you define these values? How do you infuse them? Learn to honor them and prioritize so that as you develop you build habits that will support the values you've designed that are important to you.

Growing Your Brokerage Through Mergers and Acquisitions 
Discover what the terms mergers and acquisitions mean and the various elements of these transactions. Throughout three learning tracks, you will be introduced to mergers and acquisitions, the differences and what might be the right strategy for you to utilize in each scenario. Other aspects to cover will be valuation and deal structure, value formulas, how to make sure companies have a good and correct valuation, and the actual transaction.


After your purchase is complete, you will access your online course by visiting www.onlineed.com. You will have up to ONE (1) year from the date of purchase to access and complete the course.


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