Instructor Development Workshop - 11/8/18 @ 9am - San Diego

Instructor Development Workshop - 11/8/18 @ 9am - San Diego

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Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: San Diego AOR Kearny Mesa
4845 Ronson Court, San Diego, CA 92111

Course Description

The purpose of the workshop is to help both new and experienced real estate educators develop skills and perspectives that will make them more effective in any learning environment, with an emphasis on practical and effective opportunities, techniques, challenges, and solutions.  In addition to teaching and course development, we will explore the environment and the human dynamics that determine the student experience. This workshop will be an exchange of useable ideas that will empower you to bring out your best.  

Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
  • The Art and Science of Public Speaking
  • A Practical Understanding of Learning Styles
  • Learning Objectives and Outlines
  • The Power of Questions
  • Learning Loops
  • The Power of Diplomacy
  • Resources for Classroom Instructors
  • How to Manage the Classroom
  • Using Stories to Teach Concepts
  • What Students Want: New, True, and Interesting

Through each of the course modules the student will be able to:

MODULE 1: Education Perspectives

  • explain the significance of real estate education and real estate instructors.
  • define the instructor’s roles and responsibilities.
  • describe the essential elements of an outstanding real estate course.
  • create a practical definition of professionalism.

MODULE 2: Meeting the Needs and Preferences of Adult Learners

  • contrast the needs and preferences of adult learners with younger learners.
  • develop strategies and techniques that engage a diverse group.
  • create a learning environment that promotes comfort, curiosity, and critical thinking
  • explain how learning styles impact both students and instructors.
  • incorporate techniques that trigger cognitive, affective, and conative activity.

MODULE 3: Course Construction

  • design a cohesive course outline.
  • write proper learning objectives.
  • create courses that are approvable for continuing education credit.
  • discuss the use and importance of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • define key elements in course design.

MODULE 4: Presentation Perspectives and Skills 

  • assess the learning environment.
  • employ technology when needed.
  • capitalize on personal strengths.
  • explain how to use a learning loop.
  • analyze the complexities of effectively engaging students.
  • employ stories as teaching tools.
  • choose small group and large group activities that enhance learning.
  • describe methods of keeping students engaged.

MODULE 5: Managing the Classroom 

  • develop a philosophy and procedures for a healthy learning environment.
  • identify problems that commonly arise.
  • list key mistakes that instructors often make.
  • demonstrate emotional intelligence in resolving issues with or among students.

Module 6 The Climb

  • design a professional development plan for him/her self that will promote constant, systematic improvement in all facets of teaching.

The Workshop is presented and facilitated by Rod McIntyre, Ph.D. who, following an eighteen-year career as a high school and collegiate educator and coach, accepted the position of Education Director with the Kansas Association of REALTORS® in 1998, and is currently the Vice-President of Program Development.  Rod operates a speaking and consulting business dedicated to helping individuals and organizations effectively utilize knowledge, inspiration, and instinct to generate measurable results. He is a Kolbe-Certified Consultant specializing in education strategies, communication, leadership strategies, and relationship-building skills for business professionals.  


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