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RLA - Residential Listing Agreement - Exclusive

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Quick Overview:

This is the Standard Residential Listing Agreement - it spells out the Broker's and Seller's duties, and the terms of the listing.

This form is an exclusive listing contract.  It spells out the Broker’s and Seller’s duties, and the terms of the listing. It includes a declaration that Seller has the authority to execute the listing Agreement contract. The 2-page Seller Advisory (C.A.R. Form SA) is attached, which advises the Seller of various issues and legal requirements that may arise during the selling process. Includes CCPA which explains that under the law, a person may have the ability to prevent the dissemination of personal information and that information provided in the course or a purchase transaction might be considered personal information. 

This package also contains the following forms:

  • AD - Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship
  • PRBS - Possible Representation Of More Than One Buyer Or Seller
  • WFA - The Wire Fraud Advisory
  • SA - Seller Advisory
  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act Advisory
  • FHDA - Fair Housing Discrimination Advisory

Last Revision Date: 6/21

14-page set sold in packages of 5.

            RLA - Residential Listing Agreement - Exclusive
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