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Leasing & Property Management for REALTORS®

Hemlane is the property management platform built for REALTORS®.

Benefits include:

1. Maintain client relationships, even after a deal
2. Avoid trust accounts, as rent goes direct to the rental owner
3. Earn additional income, by offering leasing and/or management
4. Delegate maintenance, as Hemlane has a 24/7 team coordination team



     #1: Leasing Tools

    1. Advertises the rental on the top 40 rental listing websites
    2. Sends emails to prospective tenants to prequalify and schedule them for showings
    3. Provides a comprehensive application process, including tenant screening

    #2: Management Tools

    1. Track leases, store documents, and communicate with tenants
    2. Send rent direct to owners, with automatic late fees
    3. View reports and provide transparency to the owners

    #3: Maintenance Coordination

    1. Allow our team to pick up all maintenance calls and tickets, 24/7
    2. Know that we will troubleshoot issues and try to rectify before sending out a professional
    3. System provides estimated cost and/or rates for service professionals

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