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Create Fiercely Loyal Clients for Life

Milestones is a customer-for-life experience platform for buying, selling, and managing homeownership. It is provided for free to consumers by real estate industry professionals. The integrated and open platform creates private personalized client portals (called Hubs) where agents can stay connected, educate, and create value at every stage of the homeowner journey.

Key Benefits

  • Become The Trusted Advisor: Scale your local market expertise and trusted relationships to become the source for all things real estate.
  • Think Like A Wealth Manager: Help your clients monitor, maintain, and grow their largest financial asset: their home.
  • Your Own Private SuperApp: Deliver value to clients and prospects at every stage of the journey, whether they're buying, moving, owning, or selling.
  • Stay Connected Post-Closing: Stay front of mind between transactions, earning more repeat business and referrals. 

Key Features

  • Home Value & Equity: Real-time monitoring of home value, equity & net worth.
  • Home Services Marketplace: From transaction services to home management, embed your network of providers to deliver amazing client service.
  • Two-Way Communication: Built in chat and email communication.
  • Home Maintenance: Create a home-specific maintenance calendar - then provide access to education, products, and pros to help get stuff done.
  • Document Storage: From closing documents to maintenance records, give homeowners a place to consolidate all things home-related. 
All C.A.R. members receive Milestones for FREE! Additional exclusive upgrade pricing tiers for C.A.R. members (based on business size) available. Start inviting your clients here.