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Professional Videos Made Easy for REALTORS®

PitchHub streamlines video production so you can easily create the professional content you need to grow your Real Estate business. Top producing real estate agents agree that video content gave them some of the biggest return on their marketing investment and they all wish they had started doing it earlier in their career. It's time to use the power of video to boost your business, and we're excited to grow with you.

Follow our easy 3 steps below, to give you a feel for how simple and quick it is to make amazing videos with PitchHub:

  1. Write & Record Video - Write scripts (or use C.A.R. scripts) and record videos with our integrated teleprompter studio. Use from anywhere, all from our video platform.
  2. Add Your Media - Upload your logos, video clips, stock or branded photos, and any other media to add to your PitchHub project.
  3. Request Pro Editing - Our professional video editors will get your polished video back to you within just 2 business days. 

C.A.R. members can use code CARVIDEOS for special pricing. Get started here.