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Understanding What's Possible on Any California Property

Symbium is a free property information portal which allows anyone to quickly assess and visualize what has been built and what is possible on any California property. Real estate agents can use Symbium to:

  • Understand and visualize whether an ADU is allowed on any California property, understand development standards (size and setback requirements etc.), and next steps to getting one built in advance of a listing presentation.
  • Generate a free ADU report in advance of a listing presentation to sellers and for disclosures or marketing to buyers.
  • Instantly access detailed permit history across over 50 California cities (and more added weekly).
  • Visualize California properties in 3D mode, including building heights.
  • Access instant zoning and land use information in addition to assessor data across California.
Use Symbium in your next listing presentation or to help your buyers evaluate their next property purchase.