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Close Leases Faster

TenantAlert provides the ONLY instant tenant screening with LeaseGuarantee, a security deposit alternative that helps more tenants qualify.

Rather than get a cosigner or pay a high security deposit, tenants can lower their move-in costs and get LeaseGuarantee instead (starting at only $199/yr). With LeaseGuarantee, landlords can comfortably approve more tenants and receive up to $10,000 of protection against damages, lost rent, and legal fees.

How it Works
  1. We’ll email the tenant an online application or we can create an application link you can share on your website or rental listings.
  2. Either you or your tenant can pay for tenant screening, starting at only $29.
  3. View the tenant screening report and invite the tenant to purchase LeaseGuarantee.

Don’t have the tenant’s email? That’s okay! You can also enter the data yourself and get results in seconds. Getting approved for truly instant access is easy and will save you or your tenant $5 on every report.

To find out if a tenant qualifies for LeaseGuarantee, visit our page now.