Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Anatomy of a Home (PMC 10) - ONLINE ANYTIME

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Quick Overview:
A course teaching you about the structure of homes both new and existing.

This is a self-guided online course that you take at your own pace and is available 24/7.


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A course designed to help you better serve your clients while increasing your confidence when asked questions regarding the construction of a home. You will learn about the structure of houses, both new and existing, and focus on how floors, walls, and roofs are built. This course will empower you to give accurate generic construction information to your clients without taking on personal liability while recognizing when to defer to the assistance of qualified experts.

Course Length: 6 hours (No CE Credit)

Certifications: This course counts towards earning your Property Management Certification (PMC) or the Property Management Master (PMM) certification.

How you will benefit from taking this course:

  • Explain the importance of providing generic construction information without violating professional standards
  • Explain the significance of soil, footings, and foundation as the basis of support for the constructed home
  • Identify the four basic components of a home's construction
  • Communicate the probable cause of common problems of a house as they relate to its time of construction
  • Describe and define Dead Load and Live Load
  • List the common uses of hardwoods and softwoods in residential construction
  • List three wood framed floor system types
  • Outline sub‐floor surfacing materials and their features, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Identify ways to fix squeaking floors
  • Explain how wood's dynamic characteristics regarding water, moisture content, and flammability affect wall systems
  • Compare and state the benefits of the different wood frame wall assembly systems
  • List features and disadvantages of the different roof surfacing options
  • List signs of a roof leak from within a walk‐up attic
  • List the problems associated with front entry porches and other home additions


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