All Creatures Great and Small: Rules About Assistance Animals (PMC8) - ONLINE ANYTIME

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Watch the video below to meet the author:

Quick Overview:
Learn the laws and the rights that renters and landlords have when it comes to pets, service animals, and emotional support animals.

This is a self-guided online course that you take at your own pace. This course is available 24/7.


An extensive presentation of federal, state fair housing and other anti-discrimination laws regarding assistance animals. Learn the rights and obligation homeowner owner associations, individual unit owners, landlords, and tenants have when living with animals. This course offers guidance regarding pets in assisting landlords and tenants of rental properties, buyers and sellers of condominiums along with other common-interest-development properties which govern them.

This is a mandatory course to earn the Property Management Master (PMM) certification. Learn more here.

Course Length: 3 hours (No CE Credit)

How you will benefit from taking this course:

  • Recognize the difference between “service animals” and “emotional support or comfort animals”
  • Learn when it is okay to ask for a doctor’s prescription.
  • Understand the rights, restrictions, and obligations of landlords, tenants, homeowner associations and unit owners regarding assistance animals and pets
  • Describe the characteristics of emotional support animals
  • Understand and explain the laws that apply to assistance animals under housing rights

As the laws become more complicated and the needs for service and comfort animals increase don’t lose your share of the housing market because you don’t know the law!


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