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Turnkey Homes Sell for More

Revive is your pre-sale renovations partner that will help your listings get sold quickly and for more. We bring a proven process that takes a team approach with the contractor, agent, and Revive to bring production-level pricing & timing.

Working with Revive enables you & your client to hire like a professional. Together, we’ll set a budget, scope, and design plan that will yield a ROI for your clients. Pairing this guidance with a process where your owner’s rep will provide oversight to ensure clear & on-schedule delivery.

By fronting the cost of renovations, Revive makes pre-sale home improvements possible for every seller, and transform houses into the listings buyers love. As a result, you add huge value to your clients and maximize your commissions.

Benefits include:
  • Custom renovation plan with the latest trends for a turnkey home.
  • Access to capital with no lenders, no credit checks, no interest.
  • Access to our ecosystem of service providers, project managers and designers.
  • Faster renovation time, fewer days on market, higher ROI.
Visit Revive today to learn more and speak with an expert on how you can maximize your next listing.