Employment Law Guide for Brokers, Managers, & Team Leaders - Now With Digital Download

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Know the employment law and protect your business.

This guide goes through the difference between employees and independent contractors along with situations that brokerages may be subject to when it comes to employment laws, such as assistants and team relationship.

After reading this guide you will be able to:

  • Describe the various California state employment laws
  • Understand the difference between employees and independent contractors
  • Know when specific situations may impact your brokerage, such as the work of assistants and structure of team relationships;
  • Understand best practices and some prohibited practices in the interviewing and hiring process
  • And more

Learn the best practices and prohibited practices to protect your brokerage and team.

Paperback: 97 pages

Also available: Human Resources for Real Estate Brokers/Teams Online Course

Content Disclaimer: This guide is intended to provide you with general information about employment relationships in California and is not a substitute for specific advice about individual legal, business, or other questions. This guide is not intended to, and does not provide legal advice to you, your brokerage or anyone else, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship with the course author, instructor or any other person. If you desire legal advice for yourself or on behalf of your broker or office, you are advised to talk to an attorney hired to provide advice on your specific situation.