Nuts and Bolts: The Broker’s Day-to-Day - ONLINE ANYTIME

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Quick Overview:
A course to help Brokers grain a general working knowledge of the basic operations of their office while learning to be an incredible role model to encourage agent productivity.

This is a self-guided online course that you take at your own pace and is available 24/7.


The term, "Broker Supervision" sounds very simplistic. Many people believe it is just reviewing files, supervising marketing, and complying with DRE regulations. Broker supervision is all that and more.

Learn how much supervision a broker must give to the activities of his or her salespersons along with learning how to establish policies, rules, procedures, and systems to review transaction files for success.

Course Length: 3 hours (No CE Credit)

How you will benefit from taking this course:

  • Understand the role and responsibility of the broker
  • Describe the different opportunities for education and training within the industry
  • Understand that the brokerage needs to retain good agents and recruit new ones
  • Know what is required by the DRE and the best practices to stay compliant
  • Develop an office that motivates, encourages and enables an agent to thrive in the competitive real estate world
  • Describe several methods of resources available
  • Understand that there are several avenues for training within our industry
  • Learn who is responsible for the role of the broker
  • Define recruiting and retention as well as “de-hiring”
  • Learn the many resources we have through C.A.R. for both in your office and online
  • Describe different systems in place for hiring, training and business management
  • Develop a culture that attracts seasoned agents
  • Understand and implement DRE and State of California requirements
  • Understand local regulations, taxation and license regulations

About the author and instructor: Judy Norman Sharp entered the real estate business in 1982 as a single Mom of three who wanted more control of her time and her earnings.

In less than six months, she was able to purchase the small brokerage where she worked. The office was part of a national franchise that was failing in the tough economy of the early '80s. After one year that same office became nationally ranked in the franchise and the agents thrived under Judy’s leadership.

In 1991, Judy sold her office and moved to Los Angeles, where she started a sales career from scratch. After a few months in a depressed market, she had captured a huge market share and quickly built a thriving real estate practice.

In 1998, upon moving to Orange County, Judy joined a large independent brokerage as a manager and trainer. She has trained and coached some of the finest and most productive agents in LA and Orange Counties.  Many of them still seek her council after decades of operating their own successful practices.

After many years at the same brokerage, Judy discovered the Keller Williams business model and philosophy in 2011. She found that it was a perfect fit for her desire to serve and her own “win, win” attitude. Judy continues to teach at Keller Williams Pacific Estates, passing along her years of experience to agents eager to learn how to succeed in real estate.


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